Puffy Cat Online

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About Puffy Cat Unblocked Poki Game:

Puffy Cat Unblocked Poki Game is a puzzle game in 2D made by Indiesoft. Your goal is to assist your cat friend in gathering all the balloons in each level by removing the platform at just the right moment and letting physics take over. Solve the well-thought-out levels with a few simple clicks, and enjoy watching your adorable cat bounce off ledges while collecting balloons. The game features delightful animations and a cute art style that appeals to players of all ages, encouraging you to keep coming back until you've completed all the levels.

Gameplay of Puffy Cat Unblocked:

In Puffy Cat, this adorable chubby kitty has a passion for balloons, but the levels are tricky with ramps and obstacles making it challenging to reach them! Your patience and cat skills will be put to the test as you aim to reach the finish line in one piece.
Can you gather as many balloons as you can? Utilize heavy objects to navigate through narrow paths and collect bombs to unlock obstacles later on. With dozens of exciting levels to conquer, get ready to have a good time in this entertaining challenge! Play Puffy Cat Online Poki Game on

Features of Parkour Race Poki Game:

  1. Over 100 levels to play in Puffy Cat Online Game!

  2. Cute and cartoony graphics.

  3. Simple gameplay that is easy to learn.

  4. Satisfying animations

  5. A fun and challenging puzzle game

  6. Online Play: Enjoy Puffy Cat Online Poki Game for free online in Chrome, Edge, and modern web browsers, allowing you to compete with players worldwide.

Who made Puffy Cat Online Poki Game:

Puffy Cat is Made by Indiesoft, a game development studio located in Belarus. This is their first game on vodogame!



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