Popit Fidget Toys 3D

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Stress is an unfortunate effect of our young but busy lives. It greatly affects our psyche. But fortunately, people have invented such a stressful toy as Pop It. Today in the game "Fidget Toy Pop It" you will remove all the accumulated negativity, all this improving your mental health. The game does not require you to be mentally tense, quick-witted, sleight of hand or quick to react. We simply invite you to relax and exhale. Ready to cheer yourself up? Then let's start playing!
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Especially for you, we have prepared not just toys for popping, but pies laid out in pieces. You will find many exciting levels. Your task is to collect each toy from small particles, and then pop the pimples on it from both sides. These colorful rubber toys such as unicorn, fruits, animals and others have a nice soft popping sound. Enjoy it, forgetting about all the problems and momentary tasks. Give yourself a little rest, and the game will help you a lot. We wish you a good time!


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