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About Heart Star Poki Game

Heart Star is a fun puzzle game made by Adventure Islands. In this game, you get to change the world! You control two characters - a girl and a boy - and your goal is to make them reach the end of each level by using objects that match their colors. You can switch between the girl and boy to move them around and change the room. To succeed, you'll need to work together and solve puzzles in each level!

Heart Star is a free online thinking game that you can play on your PC, mobile, or iPad web browsers. It's a popular thinking game, and 90% of players have given it a 5-star rating. Heart Star is made with HTML5 technology, and you can use it on your PC and mobile devices. You can start playing the unblocked Heart Star game right now on vodogame in full screen without needing to download anything.

Heart Star is a cute puzzle platformer game where you lead two little friends through two different worlds. You switch between these worlds to solve special puzzles and work together to overcome all challenges!

Gameplay of Heart Star Poki Game

In Heart Star, two little friends are separated, and they're really sad because they can't hug each other! Can you bring them together in the middle of the screen while keeping them safe from many dangers?

They both want to reach the same spot on the map, but here's the challenge: they live in two completely different worlds! You can help them reach their meeting point in each level by switching between the red and blue worlds. You'll have a blast with the addictive gameplay and cool retro style as you control both characters individually and tackle 64 unique and exciting levels! Good luck, and have fun!

Feature of Heart Star game:

  1. Special gameplay where you switch between worlds!

  2. 50 unique levels of mind training puzzles!

  3. Vivid fun graphics

  4. Can be played by one or two players

Heart Star is a teamwork game where two players need to work together skillfully to reach the final goal. To win, you must complete all the levels in the game.

In this game, you'll be in charge of two characters: a red girl and a blue boy. However, you won't control them simultaneously. Instead, you'll control the movement of each character separately. The red girl moves on the red blocks, and the blue boy moves on the blue blocks.

Who made Heart Star Game?

Heart Star was made by Adventure Islands. it's their only game on

How to play:

  • "WASD" or ARROW KEYS to Move

  • "C" key to Swap character

  • "X" key to Jump


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