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About Blumgi Slime Game

Blumgi Slime is an engaging arcade game that challenges your timing and precision as you strive to reach the finish line. You take command of an adorable, bouncy character whose sole means of movement is through jumping. Press and hold the action button to gather your strength; the longer you hold it, the higher and more forceful your jump becomes. Navigate a variety of obstacles to reach the checkered platform, with each stage introducing new and delightful elements, from fresh colors to different types of obstacles. As you play Blumgi Slime, you'll relish the perfect fusion of difficulty and a vibrant atmosphere. Can you conquer all the levels?

Blumgi Slime has swiftly won over gamers of all ages, providing an immersive and habit-forming platformer adventure created by the talented team at Blumgi. This game promises hours of fun for both novices and seasoned players alike, thanks to its sleek design, user-friendly controls, and demanding levels. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of Blumgi Slime's gameplay mechanics and offer valuable tips to help you become a master of the game.

How to play Blumgi Slime?

Jump - Long-press on screen or hold down the left mouse button and release

Features of Blumgi Slime?

1 - Engaging and Addictive Platformer Gameplay: Immerse yourself in captivating and habit-forming platformer action.

2 - Minimalist Design with User-Friendly Controls: Enjoy a sleek and straightforward design coupled with easy-to-use controls.

3 - 150 Challenging Levels: Stay entertained for hours with a whopping 150 levels, each brimming with challenges.

4 - Adorable Bouncy Character: Control an endearing, bounce-happy character whose primary mode of locomotion is jumping.

5 - Precise Jump Control: Adjust your jump's height and intensity by simply pressing the action button.

6 - Test Your Timing and Aiming Skills: Challenge yourself to perfect your timing and aiming abilities to successfully reach each level's goal.

7 - Single-Player and Two-Player Modes: Play solo or team up with a friend in two-player mode for a shared adventure.

8 - Guide the Slime Character: Lead the slime character through each level, navigating obstacles and overcoming hurdles to reach the endpoint.

9 - Play for Free Online: Access Blumgi Slime online for free on Chrome, Edge, and modern web browsers, ensuring accessibility to all players.

Who Developed Blumgi Slime?

Blumgi Slime was Made by Blumgi, a game development studio located in France. Play their amazing games on and : Blumgi Rocket, Blumgi Ball, Blumgi Castle, and Swingo

key tips to help you master Blumgi Slime

1 - Master Your Jump Timing: Success in Blumgi Slime hinges on perfecting the timing of your jumps. Take time to carefully observe your character's position and the layout of platforms, then execute your moves with precision to land safely.

2 - Experiment with Jump Intensity: Skillful control of your character's jump intensity is crucial for navigating the various platforms and obstacles in the game. Remember, the longer you hold down the action button, the higher and more forceful your jumps will be. Experiment with this mechanic to overcome challenges effectively.

3 - Learn from Your Mistakes: It's normal to encounter obstacles that require multiple attempts to overcome. Instead of getting frustrated, view your mistakes as valuable learning opportunities. Use them to refine your strategy and enhance your skills.

4 - Maintain Focus and Patience: Blumgi Slime can be both challenging and addictive. Stay focused, and don't be afraid to take short breaks when needed. With 150 levels to conquer, patience and persistence will be your allies on this journey.

By applying these tips and practicing your skills, you'll enhance your abilities and increase your chances of conquering the exciting world of Blumgi Slime.

Jump - Long-press or hold down the left mouse button and release


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