Wood Farmer Unblocked

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About Wood Farmer Unblocked:

Escape the bustling city and carve your own destiny in Wood Farmer, a relaxing 3D world brimming with life. Embark on a journey from humble woodcutter to seasoned lumber baron, building a thriving homestead amidst a sprawling wilderness.

Tips for Wood Farmer Unblocked:

  • Master the Elements: Weather plays a crucial role. Learn to navigate thunderstorms that affect woodcutting efficiency, and harness the power of gentle breezes to transport logs effortlessly.

  • Upgrade Your Arsenal: Don't settle for a dull axe! Invest in stronger tools that fell trees faster and unlock special abilities like super-chops or area-of-effect clearing.

  • Cultivate Your Land: The forest teems with life beyond wood. Plant vibrant flowerbeds to attract helpful pollinators who grant temporary resource boosts, or cultivate fruit trees for a sustainable food source.

  • Aesthetics Matter: Wood Farmer isn't just about efficiency; it's about creating a haven that reflects your style. Experiment with different wood types, decorative elements, and vibrant paints to personalize your flourishing homestead.

Features of Wood Farmer Unblocked:

  • World Building: Craft your dream home or sprawling estate from a variety of wood types, from rustic pine to gleaming mahogany. Unlock decorative elements like flower boxes, weathervanes, and colorful paint to personalize your masterpiece.

  • Resource Management: Gather not just wood, but also stone, minerals, and other materials to construct essential tools, craft unique decorations, and expand your homestead.

  • Animal Companions: Befriend charming forest sprites who accelerate resource collection and offer a helping hand. Wise old bears may offer rare crafting recipes or valuable trading opportunities.

  • Environmental Dynamics: Weather conditions like rain and wind impact gameplay. Navigate thunderstorms that slow woodcutting or utilize gentle breezes to effortlessly transport heavy logs.

  • Upgradable Tools: Invest in stronger axes that fell trees faster and unlock special abilities like super chops or area-of-effect clearing.

  • Sustainable Living: Plant vibrant flowerbeds to attract helpful pollinators who grant temporary resource boosts. Cultivate fruit trees for a sustainable food source, ensuring the long-term health of your wood empire.

  • Hidden Secrets: Explore the wilderness to uncover hidden waterfalls, forgotten ruins, and rare resources that unlock unique building possibilities.

  • Relaxing Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the calming sounds of nature, with a dynamic soundtrack that adapts to the weather and your in-game activities.

Who made Wood Farmer Game:

Wood Farmer Online game is made by Yso Corp.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

  • Android



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