Weightlifting Beauty Run

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"The Beauty of Weightlifting" is an exciting running game for girls of 10 years who dream of becoming young owners of weightlifting. Today you will help one of the girls to fulfill a dream that will change the rest of her life. Are you ready to help the girl in her achievements and matched goals? Then we rather start playing, because the girl has already prepared, and is waiting for you before the first race.

You need to control the girl in such a way as to collect on the barbell all the dumbbells that will be in her way. Do this so that the heroine gains more strength and overcomes all the guys who will be waiting for her in droves on the platform. Increase your own strength and endurance. Avoid obstacles such as: brick walls, red blocks. They can take away your cargo, or push you. Be careful when you collect diamonds, so as not to fall into the water. Make the heroine the best weightlifting athlete and unlock all dumbbells. Have a great time!


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