We Become What we Behold

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About We Become What We Behold

"We Become What We Behold" is a game made by Nicky Case. In this unique 5-minute game, you use a camera to take pictures of the news. What you choose to include or leave out of the pictures affects the story of the Squares and Circles. Start by taking pictures of small misunderstandings between a circle and a square. See how your choices make the tension between the Circles and Squares worse. The game shows how social media can make small differences seem really bad. Now, play the game and see how the story ends. Will you choose peace or violence in We Become What We Behold?
WE BECOME WHAT WE BEHOLD is about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles
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"We Become What We Behold" is a whimsical 5-minute point-and-click game centered around news cycles, relentless patterns, and endless repetitions. Use your camera to capture moments and observe the reactions of squares and circles!

In "We Become What We Behold," tranquility seems dull, affection appears bothersome, and crickets remain mere crickets. What truly sparks people's interest? Is it anger and hatred, perhaps? You initiate the game by capturing a minor disagreement between a circle and square, then magnifying it through media exposure to attract more viewers. This action escalates the tension between circles and squares, giving rise to a cycle of fury and animosity that swiftly escalates towards an explosive climax.

Nicky Case developed We Become What We Behold.

Release Date
October 2016 and was updated in October 2018.

Use the left mouse button to capture a moment.

How to play
Drag the camera indicator around and click to get a photograph. Make sure to get amazing unique and eventful photos.


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