Vortelli's Pizza Delivery

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About Vortelli's Pizza Delivery Game:

Vortelli's Pizza Delivery is a game where you have to bring pizza to customers quickly! Can you follow a map, drive fast, and handle stress well? It's your chance to show your skills! Or, if you want, you can drive fast and crash into things. What kind of driver will you be in this fast-paced adventure?

Gameplay of Vortelli's Pizza Delivery Game:

In the game, you'll get step-by-step directions to make pizzas. First, you'll knead the dough until it's smooth and stretchy. Then, you'll add various toppings and sauces to make each pizza the way your customers like. Finally, you'll bake the pizzas carefully to make them crispy and cheesy.

To do well in Vortelli's Pizza, you have to be fast and efficient. When you complete orders and make customers happy, you'll earn coins to unlock new ingredients and expand your kitchen. With each level, you'll get new jobs, like a dough expert or sauce pro, so you can make more types of pizzas and get more customers.

Who made "Vortelli's Pizza Delivery" Game:

Vortelli's Pizza Delivery is made by Devortel. Play their game on Vortelli's Pizza!

How to play Vortelli's Pizza Delivery?

  • Move: WASD or the arrow keys

  • Drift: Shift

  • Deliver: Space bar


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