Vega Mix Mystery of Island

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About Vega Mix 2: Mystery of Island

Welcome to Vega Mix 2: Mystery of the Island Adventure! Prepare to immerse yourself in a captivating narrative, unravel intricate puzzles by matching vibrant pieces, and unveil enigmatic secrets concealed within a mysterious island. Your exhilarating odyssey begins right now!

Vega Mix 2 bears striking similarities to beloved games such as Royal Match and Candy Crush Saga, featuring identical gameplay mechanics, power-up boosters, and dazzling special effects. If you're a fan of these popular titles, you'll undoubtedly discover Vega Mix 2 to be a warmly familiar and delightful experience.

As you embark on this journey, you'll encounter treasures hailing from ancient civilizations, intriguing characters, unexpected plot twists, and the breathtaking beauty of lush tropical landscapes!

Two ordinary girls lose contact with their friends, who embarked on a quest for ancient relics. The latest information indicates that their friends have ventured onto uncharted islands. Determined to reunite with them, Alice and Vicky embark on a daring expedition. Along the way, they'll confront numerous adventures, concealed puzzles, perilous quests, and an entirely new culture of indigenous people. Your assistance is vital in helping them locate their missing friends.

Legend has it that deep within the heart of the jungle lies an ancient city shrouded in mystery. Once a majestic metropolis, it fell under the spell of a peculiar magic that enshrouded the entire island. Now, the time has come for a daring adventure to unveil the secrets of bygone eras!

Join these intrepid explorers as they traverse the lush tropical jungle! Rejuvenate the island by solving intricate puzzles, gradually restoring key locations, and delving into the ruins of the ancient city. At every twist and turn, beneath the towering palm trees, you'll discover an assortment of enigmas, cunning puzzles, and perplexing riddles!

how to play Vega Mix 2 match-3 game:

1 - Match 3 or more blocks in a row to remove them from the board.

2 - If you match 4 pieces in a row, you'll create a rocket. Rockets can clear a whole line when activated.

3 - Combine 4 pieces into a square to make a spinner. Spinners eliminate one target on the board.

4 - Arrange 5 pieces in a T shape to create a bomb. Bombs cause big explosions, clearing nearby pieces.

5 - Matching 5 pieces in a row makes a rainbow flower. Rainbow flowers explode pieces of the same color when used.

6 - Combining any 2 power-ups gives you various powerful effects that help you complete levels more easily.

7 - Many obstacles on the board require different strategies to overcome and add variety to the levels.

Features of Vega Mix 2:

1 - More than 2000 exciting match-3 levels with explosive combos.

2 - A captivating storyline with unexpected twists and humorous characters who react to various situations.

3 - Explore a mysterious island filled with hidden treasures and secrets.

4 - Enjoy mini-games and puzzles within the game.

5- Daily bonuses, gifts, quests, and entertaining events to keep you engaged.

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