Super Mario Sunshine 64 Flash Game

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We embarked on a grand adventure alongside Mario, traversing vast realms, rescuing princesses, and navigating treacherous traps. After completing all our missions, Mario was finally ready to return home, seeking rest and rejuvenation. With such hopeful thoughts, he stepped through the portal, only to find himself once again in an unexpected location. It dawned on him that the sorcerer had deceived him, cunningly leading him astray through the wrong portal. However, little did he know that the sorcerer was not the one at fault. Unbeknownst to both of them, a new malevolent force had emerged, conjuring a fresh world teeming with unfamiliar monsters in place of the portal. Unlike his previous horizontal journeys, Mario would now need to ascend into the skies, for a new sorcerer had not only stolen his passage back to his world but also abducted the princess. Fortunately, Mario had managed to procure a water pack from the sorcerer in the horizontal world, granting him an advantage in his impending aerial odyssey

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