Plants Vs Zombies Online

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In Plants vs. Zombies online , you'll get another chance to battle the zombie epidemic that's ravaging the planet and seeking out new territories to conquer. Armed with your knowledge and expertise, you're confident that using plants as your allies will enable you to overcome the undead threat without flinching. With some grain in hand, you set out to ambush the enemy, determined to thwart their nefarious plans. To achieve this, you'll need to flex your strategic prowess, as the fate of humanity rests on the sequence of your actions and whether you can eliminate this contagion once and for all.
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There is a small section of the field in front of you where you will grow plants. To do this, click on the button at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you plant two plants of the same level, immediately combine them to get a more powerful modification. After all the improvements, you can transfer the grown plants to the playing field and place them along the path of the dead. As soon as zombies enter their field of vision, they will immediately begin to attack them. For each destroyed dead you will receive coins to your game account. You will need them to buy new types of seedlings. They will help you defeat more of the walking dead and their bosses that will appear on your way throughout many levels. Gather your team of plants with unusual and incredible superpowers. Get amazing rewards