Plants vs. Zombies: United Defense

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We are glad to welcome you to the exciting arcade game "Plants vs. Zombies: United Defense", in which you will once again have to protect your garden from hordes of ferocious undead who dared to invade your domain! There are many exciting levels ahead of you, in each of which you need to hold back the onslaught of countless waves of opponents trying to break through your defense line and destroy everything in their path.

For destroying zombies, you will earn coins that can be used to buy additional plants. Merge identical units to create new fighters with improved characteristics. Thanks to these actions, you will be able to assemble a squad of seedlings that will fire at the crowds of the walking dead with prickly spikes. Do not let the enemies get close to the fence, because then they can make a hole in it and get into the courtyard. Accumulate enough money and magic stones to unlock legendary heroes with unique skills. Sometimes you will have to fight huge powerful bosses, which will require ingenuity and reliable tactics to defeat them. If you need to take a short break, you can pause the game at any time. Good luck!


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