Mummy's Path Deluxe Unblocked

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About Mummy's Path Deluxe Unblocked

Mummy's Path Deluxe Online presents a thrilling platform puzzle adventure, tasking you with the mission to reunite the Mummy's head with its body! Strategize as you strategically position arrows to pave the way for the rolling head to reconnect with its torso. Don't forget to gather diamonds and scarabs strewn across the path to boost your score. Speed is key - the faster you solve the puzzle, the greater your score climbs! And the cherry on top? Customize the Mummy's head with various looks! How swiftly can you restore the Mummy's wholeness?

Gameplay of Mummy's Path Deluxe Unblocked:

After millennia of slumber in her tomb, an ancient Egyptian mummy finds herself longing for a change. Perhaps it's time to break the monotony and stretch those ancient limbs? However, the confines of the Pharaoh's pyramid offer little excitement beyond gathering diamonds and scarab beetles. But fear not! There's a quirky twist to be found: you can navigate the mummy's disembodied head through labyrinthine paths back to its body. It's a whimsical concept, just waiting to be brought to life for endless fun and amusement!

Who made Mummy's Path Deluxe Unblocked Online Game:

Mummy's Path Deluxe is made by FM Studio.. This is their first game on Hyhy Games!