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So we met again with our good old friend Mario. This time, his adventures will take place not in the Kingdom of Mushrooms, but in the dangerous labyrinth of King Gumba. In the game "Mario Shooter 3D" you have to play an unusual hybrid of the two legendary games "Mario" and "Doom". This unusual game will please both fans of platform games and fans of shooting games. Here, you will see Mario in a whole new light. He will be armed and dangerous. Mario will wander through the gloomy corridors of the labyrinth in search of a way out, and at this time he will be surrounded by evil gumba mushrooms. But our hero will be armed with a powerful hard drive that will smash to shreds even the most dangerous enemy. To replenish ammo, you must collect ammo. Also, in the game you will come across cute mushrooms. Collect them to replenish lost health.

Arrows to move and space to shoot