Jump into Wow

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Trick or treat? Prepare for a spooky adventure in the Mickey and Spidey Halloween: Jump into Wow game! From stacking pumpkins to preparing potions, go through each Halloween-themed and meet all the famous characters. The night is dark and full of surprises, so who knows who you might come across?

Your role is to go through every challenge Spidey and Mickey Mouse have prepared for you! Some may require a bit of attention or fast reflexes, but with practice, you can become a master in no time! Put on your scary costume, and let's see what you've got!

Before you get into the action, you have to learn the controls! Even though you have loads of challenges ahead, the only tool you have to use is your mouse! Isn't it great? Just click on one of the pumpkins to pick a challenge! See if you can go through this spooky Halloween night and clear each one.

Mickey, Spidey, and their friends had put together the following challenges:

- Look behind the doors and match the characters.

- Help Mickey Mouse prepare a potion by popping the right bubbles.

- Join Spidey and his friends and jump on the platforms to catch the Green Goblin

- Create a spooky Haloween scene by using all the stickers and tools you have available

- Do some scary stacking by putting as many crates and pumpkins on top of each other as possible

Spidey and Mickey are not the only characters you will meet this Halloween night! For example, Vampirina, the Muppet Babies, and Fancy Nancy are also here and are all waiting to have some fun with you. Will you be able to play with all of them?

It's time to start this Halloween party and see if you can manage all the challenges Mickey Mouse, Spidey, and their friends have prepared for you! Are you ready to go through every last one of them? Let's see if you get spooked easily!


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