Jewel Academy Match3 Game

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Welcome to Jewel Academy, a delightful puzzle game infused with match-three mechanics. With its timeless appeal, this classic match-three game offers straightforward gameplay, captivating visuals, and thought-provoking challenges. At each level, you'll encounter a grid filled with vibrant gems of various colors. Your objective? Forge connections by matching three or more gems of the same color, causing them to vanish and allowing the gameplay to flow seamlessly while boosting your score.

In your quest, you'll need to attain specific scores for each level. Once you reach the designated score, you'll unlock the next level and continue your journey. While this game doesn't boast intricate combos, it harkens back to the roots of match-three games, inviting you to immerse yourself and aspire to become a true master of Jewel Academy!

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