Dream Love Link 2 Mahjong Game

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"Mahjong Link 2: Dreams of Love" is a game for real romantics, because it contains everything - roses, champagne, grapes, flowers and other attributes of the candy-bouquet period. Relax and enjoy this puzzle onet mahjong game with stunning elements.

Your task is to completely clear the playing field from all attributes of love. Find among the many tiles those on which the images match, then click on them, after which they will merge and disappear. You can merge only those tiles whose path line has no more than two bends.

In difficult situations, do not forget to use the hint or shuffle, they will help you pass the level faster. Hint, shuffle and time increase tiles will occasionally appear on the board for you to replenish.

Start your romantic adventure with Mahjong Link 2: Dreams of Love right now and maybe you can complete all 42 stages. Do you think such a test is up to you? Then let's go!
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tap or click on two identical tiles


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