Cover Orange Gangsters

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About Cover Orange: Gangsters poki game

Cover Orange: Gangsters is an amazing game where you need to use objects to shield orange friends from acid rain. The game has our hero, who needs your help to stay safe from bad clouds. You need to move objects to make a shelter for the oranges when the angry cloud comes. Don't miss the hidden star in each level! Play with family and friends to solve these fun puzzles together!

Cover Orange: Gangsters is a free online thinking game that you can play on PC browsers, mobile devices, and iPad. It falls under the popular category of thinking games and has received a 5-star rating from 90% of players. Cover Orange: Gangsters is designed using HTML5 technology and can be played on both PC and mobile networks. You can start playing the unblocked version of Cover Orange: Gangsters right now on in full-screen mode without the need for any downloads.

Gameplay of Cover Orange: Gangsters

In each level of the game, you need to use different objects to change the surroundings and keep the oranges safe from harmful acid rain caused by a bad cloud. These objects can be all sorts of things, like triangular blocks or spiky balls that can break ice or even the oranges themselves. You can use your finger, mouse, or keyboard to place these objects strategically and create a protective cover over the oranges.

Features of Cover Orange: Gangsters

  1. Smooth Gamplay and beautiful graphis and sound effects

  2. free game to play and no disturbing Ads

  3. Tons of amazing and challenging levels.

Who Made Fish Eat Fish?

Cover Orange: Gangsters was developed by Johnny-K. You can also enjoy their other puzzle platform games on Poki, including Cover Orange, Cover Orange: Space, and Cover Orange: Journey.


  • Move chest - WASD, Arrow keys or the pointer

  • Drop chest - Space bar


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